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vd, vd_lavc: change license to LGPL (almost)
iive agreed only to LGPL 3.0+ only. All of his relevant changes are for XvMC, for which mpv completely dropped support back in mplayer2 times. But you could claim that the get_format code represents some residual copyright (everything else added by iive was removed, only get_format still is around in some form). While I doubt that this is relly copyright-relevant, consider it is for now. michael is the original author of vd_lavc.c, so this file can become LGPL only after the core becomes LGPL. cehoyos did not agree with the LGPL relicensing, but all of his code is gone. Some others could not be reached, but their code is gone as well. In particular, vdpau support, which was originally done by Nvidia, had larger impact on vd_lavc.c, but vdpau support was first refactored a few times (for the purpose of modularization) and moved to different files, and then decoding was completely moved to libavcodec. Lastly, assigning the "opaque" field was moved by Gwenole Beauchesne in commit 8e5edec13eab. Agreement is pending (due to copyright apparently owned by the author's employer). So just undo the change, so we don't have to think about whether the change is copyrightable.
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@@ -264,9 +264,9 @@ LGPL relicensing status:
video/decode/hw_d3d11va.c LGPL
video/decode/hw_dxva2.c LGPL
video/decode/hw_videotoolbox.c LGPL
- video/decode/lavc.h hard
- video/decode/vd.h hard
- video/decode/vd_lavc.c very hard
+ video/decode/lavc.h almost LGPLv3+
+ video/decode/vd.h LGPL
+ video/decode/vd_lavc.c almost LGPLv3+
video/filter/refqueue.* LGPL
video/filter/vf.c LGPL
video/filter/vf.h LGPL (mostly)