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player: change license of some code surrounding --frames to LGPL
The original author of the patch has agreed now.
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@@ -43,7 +43,6 @@ them quite central:
- many builtin video filters (use libavfilter instead)
- automatic rotation and stereoscopic video handling
- Linux TV input
-- the --frames option
- the add/cycle and sub-add/audio-add/sub-remove/audio-remove commands
- video format conversion (if not supported by the VO)
- minor features: jack, DVD, CDDA, SMB, CACA, legacy direct3d VO
@@ -111,10 +110,8 @@ The following files are still GPL only (--enable-lgpl disables them):
The following files contain some optional GPL code (--enable-lgpl disables it):
input/cmd_list.c potentially some commands
- options/options.c --frames option
options/parse_commandline.c dvd:// expansion
player/audio.c libaf glue code
- player/loadfile.c --frames option (minor but probably fatal)
player/osd.c OSD level 3
player/command.c add/cycle command, possibly sub-add command