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aspect: change license to LGPL
Quite chaotic history, which code being moved, refactored, duplicated, unified a bunch of times. But I think everything is covered by LGPL agreements. In one case, cehoyos (who didn't agree) applied a patch by someone who agreed, but didn't change anything (except weirdly adding German translations). In another case, cehoyos moved code covered by LGPL agreements (without changing it), which was later used for some other code. We consider both cases not relevant for copyright. win_state.c/.h is similar, but pending for reply by the author of 2ab259e68 (I guess).
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@@ -310,7 +310,7 @@ x video/img_format.* hard
x video/img_fourcc.h hard
video/mp_image.* almost LGPL
video/mp_image_pool.* LGPL
-x video/out/aspect.* hard
+ video/out/aspect.* LGPL
video/out/bitmap_packer.* LGPL
video/out/cocoa* unknown
video/out/d3d_shader_420p.h LGPL