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Remove completely outdated AUTHORS file
Considering that we use version control, maintaining an AUTHORS file doesn't make much sense, and indeed it was barely touched since the time mplayer2 forked from MPlayer. None of the contributors to mplayer2 or mpv are listed in this file (even uau's work is not appropriately reflected, despite having an entry in this file). I'm removing this file because it's obviously pointless to keep around, and moreover it's misleading. In theory removing this file might be questionable: the git log reaches back into CVS and SVN times, which don't have separate committer and author fields for each comment. The commit messages could be incomplete and not mention the original author, while the AUTHORS file somehow could. I doubt this is a real concern, since you can always reconstruct the original AUTHORS file from git. Another concern is that this could be interpreted as disrespectful to the people mentioned in this file; but it isn't meant to be disrespectful. Also point out a slight irregularity in the Copyright file.
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which are LGPL 3+.
Thus MPlayer as a whole can be redistributed under terms compatible with
the GNU General Public License, version 3; see the LICENSE file for details.
+(Note: this is probably a mistake. MPlayer never used talloc, and MPlayer is
+actually strictly GPLv2 only because has some GPLv2-only files.)
MPlayer includes code from several external sources. General information and
license details are listed below: