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mp_image: change license to LGPL (almost)
Since michael was somewhat involved in it, wait with the actual license change until the core is relicensed. Thus mark it as "Almost LGPL.". The worrisome part about mp_image.c is that it was created by cehoyos (which disagreed with LGPL) in commit f2dee327b2797. But it turns out it was a patch by someone else (who agreed with LGPL). For some reason, the patch was actually slightly modified by cehoyos for no reason (messed with the include statements), so we mess them back, just to be sure. Other than this, there were some commits that added support for new IMGFMTs over the years. Some of these were by people we didn't ask or we didn't get permission from. But since the original mp_image code was replaced by more generic code using FFmpeg pixdesc, none of these changes are left anyway. One additional change by cehoyos (115bfb976270) has been removed as well (when "direct rendering" was dropped from the filter chain).
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@@ -299,7 +299,7 @@ LGPL relicensing status:
video/image_writer.* unknown
video/img_format.* hard
video/img_fourcc.h hard
- video/mp_image.* hard (if even possible)
+ video/mp_image.* almost LGPL
video/mp_image_pool.* LGPL
video/out/aspect.* hard
video/out/bitmap_packer.* LGPL