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Rename to "mpv"
This changes the name of this project to mpv. Most user-visible mentions of "MPlayer" and "mplayer" are changed to "mpv". The binary name and the default config file location are changed as well. The new default config file location is: ~/.mpv/ Remove etc/mplayer.desktop. Apparently this was for the MPlayer GUI, which has been removed from mplayer2 ages ago. We don't have a logo, and the MS Windows resource files sort-of require one, so leave etc/mplayer.ico/.xpm as-is. Remove the debian and rpm packaging scripts. These contained outdated dependencies and likely were more harmful than useful. (Patches which add working and well-tested packaging are welcome.)
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+mpv is a fork of mplayer2, which is a fork of MPlayer.
+Original MPlayer Copyright file follows below.
MPlayer was originally written by Árpád Gereöffy and has been extended and
worked on by many more since then, see the AUTHORS file for an (incomplete)
list. MPlayer as a whole is copyrighted by the MPlayer team. Individual