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dec_audio, ad_lavc: change license to LGPL
All relevant authors of the current code have agreed. As always, there are the usual historical artifacts that could be mentioned. For example, there used to be a large number of decoders by various authors who were not asked, but whose code was all 100% removed. (Mostly due to FFmpeg providing all codecs.) One point of contention is that Nick Kurshev might have refactored the old audio decoder code in 2001. Basically, there are hints that it might have been done by him, such as Arpi's commit message stating that the code was imported from MPlayerXP (Nick's fork), or all the files having his name in the "maintainer" field. On the other hand, the murky history of ad.h weakens this - it could be that Arpi started this work, and Nick took it (and possibly finished it). In any case, Nick could not be reached, so there is no agreement for LGPL relicensing from him. We're changing the license anyway, and assume that his change in itself is not copyrightable. He only moved code, and in addition used the equivalent video decoder framework (done by Arpi, who agreed) as template. For example, ad_functions_s was basically vd_functions_s, which the signature of the decode callback changed to the same as audio_decode(). ad_functions_s also had a comment that said it interfaces with "video decoder drivers" (I'm fixing this comment in this commit). I verified that no additional code was added that is copyright-relevant, still in today's code, and not copied from the existing code at the time (either from the previous audio decoder code or the video framework code). What apparently matters here is that none of the old code was not written by Nick, and the authors of the old code have given his agreement, and (probably) that Nick didn't add actual new code (none that would have survived), that was not trivially based on the old one (i.e. no new copyrightable "work"). A copyright expert told me that this kind of change can be considered not relevant for copyright, so here we go. Rewriting this would end with the same code anyway, and the naming conventions can't be copyrighted.
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@@ -58,9 +58,9 @@ or removed. All new contributions to these files are implied to be LGPLv2.1+.
LGPL relicensing status:
audio/decode/ad.h LGPL
- audio/decode/ad_lavc.c very hard (nick's changes)
+ audio/decode/ad_lavc.c LGPL
audio/decode/ad_spdif.c LGPL
- audio/decode/dec_audio.* very hard (nick's changes)
+ audio/decode/dec_audio.* LGPL
audio/filter/af.* must be killed (main author disagreed)
audio/filter/af_channel.c must be killed (main author disagreed)
audio/filter/af_equalizer.c must be killed (main author disagreed)