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video/fmt-conversion, img_format: change license to LGPL
The problem with fmt-conversion.h is that "lucabe", who disagreed with LGPL, originally wrote it. But it was actually rewritten by "reimar" later. The original switch statement was replaced with a lookup table. No code other than the imgfmt2pixfmt() function signature survives. Neither the format pairs (PIXFMT<->IMGFMT), nor the concept of mapping them, can be copyrighted. So changing the license should be fine, because reimar and all other authors involved with the new code agreed to LGPL. We also don't consider format pairs added later as copyrightable. (The direct-mapping idea mentioned in the "Copyright" file seems attractive, and I might implement in later anyway.) Likewise, there might be some format names added to img_format.h, which are not covered by relicensing agreements. These all affect "later" additions, and they follow either the FFmpeg PIXFMT naming or some other pre-existing logic, so this should be fine.
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@@ -300,12 +300,11 @@ x video/decode/dec_video.* hard
video/filter/vf_vdpaupp.c LGPL
video/filter/vf_yadif.c will be deleted
video/csputils.* LGPL
-x video/fmt-conversion.* hard
- (required for LGPL core: might direct-map them to AV_PIXFMT or so)
+ video/fmt-conversion.* LGPL
video/gpu_memcpy.* will be deleted
video/hwdec.* LGPL
x video/image_writer.* unknown
-x video/img_format.* hard
+ video/img_format.* LGPL
video/mp_image.* almost LGPL
video/mp_image_pool.* LGPL
video/out/aspect.* LGPL