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Copyright: correct a statement
It seems "lucabe" didn't actually write the current fmt-conversion.c/.h code. He added the first version of the pixfmt mapping, which was later changed into a table. So his agreement might not be required for copyright purposes. Still, all those later additions of pixfmts by various authors may or may not matter, so the situation is still complex.
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@@ -301,7 +301,7 @@ x video/decode/dec_video.* hard
video/filter/vf_vdpaupp.c LGPL
video/filter/vf_yadif.c will be deleted
video/csputils.* LGPL
-x video/fmt-conversion.* must be killed (author disagreed to LGPL)
+x video/fmt-conversion.* hard
(required for LGPL core: might direct-map them to AV_PIXFMT or so)
video/gpu_memcpy.* will be deleted
video/hwdec.* LGPL