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vf_sub, vf_format: change license to LGPL
They were added to the "to deleted" list and never relicensed, because I thought I'd delete them early. But it's possible that they'll stay in mpv for a longer time, so relicense them. Still leaving them as deprecated and scheduled for removal, so they can still be dropped once there is a better way to deal with them, if they get annoying, or if a better mechanism is found that makes them unnecessary. All contributors agreed. There are some minor changes by people who did not agree, but these are all not relevant or have been removed.
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@@ -71,8 +71,6 @@ The following files are still GPL only (--enable-lgpl disables them):
stream/stream_smb.c will stay GPLv3
stream/stream_tv.c will stay GPL
stream/tv* will stay GPL
- video/filter/vf_format.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_sub.c will be deleted
video/out/opengl/hwdec_vaglx.c GPL
video/out/vo_caca.c unknown
video/out/vo_direct3d.c unknown