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vf: remove most GPL video filters
Almost all of them had their guts removed and replaced by libavfilter long ago, but remove them anyway. They're pointless and have been scheduled for deprecation. Still leave vf_format (because we need it in some form) and vf_sub (not sure). This will break some builtin functionality: lavfi yadif defaults are different, auto rotation and stereo3d downconversion are broken. These might be fixed later.
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@@ -71,20 +71,8 @@ The following files are still GPL only (--enable-lgpl disables them):
stream/stream_smb.c will stay GPLv3
stream/stream_tv.c will stay GPL
stream/tv* will stay GPL
- video/filter/vf_crop.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_dsize.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_expand.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_flip.c will be deleted
video/filter/vf_format.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_gradfun.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_mirror.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_noformat.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_pullup.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_rotate.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_scale.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_stereo3d.c will be deleted
video/filter/vf_sub.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_yadif.c will be deleted
video/out/opengl/hwdec_vaglx.c GPL
video/out/vo_caca.c unknown
video/out/vo_direct3d.c unknown