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docs: add removed properties and options to interface-changes.rst
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@@ -55,6 +55,10 @@ Interface changes
as reference, which lists the definitive names.
- edition and disc title switching will now fully reload playback (may have
consequences for scripts, client API, or when using file-local options)
+ - with the removal of the stream cache, the following properties and options were
+ dropped: `cache`, `cache-size`, `cache-free`, `cache-used`, `--cache-default`,
+ `--cache-initial`, `--cache-seek-min`, `--cache-backbuffer`, `--cache-file`,
+ `--cache-file-size`
- remove async playback abort hack. This breaks aborting playback in the
following cases, iff the current stream is a network stream that
completely stopped responding:
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# cache settings
-# Use 150MB input cache by default. The cache is enabled for network streams only.
# Use 150MB input cache for everything, even local files.