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manpage: mention --network-timeout is broken with RTSP
Not much we can do, too hard to work around. Fixes #3361.
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@@ -3969,6 +3969,16 @@ Network
special value 0 (default) uses the FFmpeg/Libav defaults. If a protocol
is used which does not support timeouts, this option is silently ignored.
+ .. warning::
+ This breaks the RTSP protocol, because of inconsistent FFmpeg API
+ regarding its internal timeout option. Not only does the RTSP timeout
+ option accept different units (seconds instead of microseconds, causing
+ mpv to pass it huge values), it will also overflow FFmpeg internal
+ calculations. The worst is that merely setting the option will put RTSP
+ into listening mode, which breaks any client uses. Do not use this
+ option with RTSP URLs.
Select RTSP transport method (default: tcp). This selects the underlying
network transport when playing ``rtsp://...`` URLs. The value ``lavf``