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manpage: clarify --sub-file(s) options
This was a bit confused, and I bet nobody understood whether to use --sub-file or --sub-files, and what the difference is. Explicitly mention that both variants exist, and how they are related.
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@@ -1586,7 +1586,7 @@ Subtitles
Delays subtitles by ``<sec>`` seconds. Can be negative.
+``--sub-files=<file-list>``, ``--sub-file=<filename>``
Add a subtitle file to the list of external subtitles.
If you use ``--sub-file`` only once, this subtitle file is displayed by
@@ -1598,7 +1598,11 @@ Subtitles
and ``--secondary-sid`` to select the second index. (The index is printed
on the terminal output after the ``--sid=`` in the list of streams.)
- This is a list option. See `List Options`_ for details.
+ ``--sub-files`` is a list option (see `List Options`_ for details), and
+ can take multiple file names separated by ``:`` (Unix) or ``;`` (Windows),
+ while ``--sub-file`` takes a single filename, but can be used multiple
+ times to add multiple files. Technically, ``--sub-file`` is a CLI/config
+ file only alias for ``--sub-files-append``.
Select a secondary subtitle stream. This is similar to ``--sid``. If a