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client API: be more explicit about how to make libmpv use config files
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diff --git a/libmpv/client.h b/libmpv/client.h
index 77e7ce09a4..91a8e81cbb 100644
--- a/libmpv/client.h
+++ b/libmpv/client.h
@@ -385,10 +385,14 @@ const char *mpv_client_name(mpv_handle *ctx);
* equivalent to setting the --no-terminal option.
* (Technically, this also suppresses C signal handling.)
* - No config files will be loaded. This is roughly equivalent to using
- * --no-config. Since libmpv 1.15, you can actually re-enable this option,
+ * --config=no. Since libmpv 1.15, you can actually re-enable this option,
* which will make libmpv load config files during mpv_initialize(). If you
* do this, you are strongly encouraged to set the "config-dir" option too.
* (Otherwise it will load the mpv command line player's config.)
+ * For example:
+ * mpv_set_option_string(mpv, "config-dir", "/my/path"); // set config root
+ * mpv_set_option_string(mpv, "config", "yes"); // enable config loading
+ * (call mpv_initialize() _after_ this)
* - Idle mode is enabled, which means the playback core will enter idle mode
* if there are no more files to play on the internal playlist, instead of
* exiting. This is equivalent to the --idle option.