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manpage: describe stride parameter in screenshot-raw command
This is mentioned and called "obvious", but it's conceivable users don't necessarily know about the concept. Just explain it.
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@@ -915,6 +915,12 @@ Input Commands that are Possibly Subject to Change
is freed as soon as the result mpv_node is freed. As usual with client API
semantics, you are not allowed to write to the image data.
+ The ``stride`` is the number of bytes from a pixel at ``(x0, y0)`` to the
+ pixel at ``(x0, y0 + 1)``. This can be larger than ``w * 4`` if the image
+ was cropped, or if there is padding. This number can be negative as well.
+ You access a pixel with ``byte_index = y * stride + x * 4`` (assuming the
+ ``bgr0`` format).
The ``flags`` argument is like the first argument to ``screenshot`` and
supports ``subtitles``, ``video``, ``window``.