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lua: add convenience function for hooks
So the user doesn't have to care about the awkward low-level details.
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diff --git a/DOCS/man/lua.rst b/DOCS/man/lua.rst
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--- a/DOCS/man/lua.rst
+++ b/DOCS/man/lua.rst
@@ -734,3 +734,29 @@ List of events
The current chapter possibly changed.
+This documents experimental features, or features that are "too special" and
+we don't guarantee a stable interface to it.
+``mp.add_hook(type, priority, fn)``
+ Add a hook callback for ``type`` (a string identifying a certain kind of
+ hook). These hooks allow the player to call script functions and wait for
+ their result (normally, the Lua scripting interface is asynchronous from
+ the point of view of the player core). ``priority`` is an arbitrary integer
+ that allows ordering among hooks of the same kind. Using the value 50 is
+ recommended as neutral default value. ``fn`` is the function that will be
+ called during execution of the hook.
+ Currently existing hooks:
+ ``on_load``
+ Called when a file is to be opened, before anything is actually done.
+ For example, you could read and write the ``stream-open-filename``
+ property to redirect an URL to something else (consider support for
+ streaming sites which rarely give the user a direct media URL), or
+ you could set per-file options with by setting the property
+ ``file-local-options/<option name>``. The player will wait until all
+ hooks are run.
diff --git a/player/lua/defaults.lua b/player/lua/defaults.lua
index 1ae8dd965d..6708f06470 100644
--- a/player/lua/defaults.lua
+++ b/player/lua/defaults.lua
@@ -399,6 +399,27 @@ function mp.osd_message(text, duration)
mp.commandv("show_text", text, duration)
+local hook_table = {}
+local hook_registered = false
+local function hook_run(id, cont)
+ local fn = hook_table[tonumber(id)]
+ if fn then
+ fn()
+ end
+ mp.commandv("hook_ack", cont)
+function mp.add_hook(name, pri, cb)
+ if not hook_registered then
+ mp.register_script_message("hook_run", hook_run)
+ hook_registered = true
+ end
+ local id = #hook_table + 1
+ hook_table[id] = cb
+ mp.commandv("hook_add", name, id, pri)
function mp.format_table(t, set)
if not set then
set = { [t] = true }