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manpage: remove audio-file etc. caveat description
These properties actually were removed/replaced, so there is no conflict with the options of the same name anymore. For example, there is no "audio-file" property anymore, but you still can set "audio-files" (and --audio-file simply maps to --audio-files-append).
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@@ -2722,19 +2722,6 @@ caveats with some properties (due to historical reasons):
Might verify the set value when setting while a window is created.
-``audio-file``, ``sub-file``, ``external-file``
- These options/properties are actually lists of filenames. To make the
- command-line interface easier, each ``--audio-file=...`` option appends
- the full string to the internal list. However, when used as properties,
- every time you set the property as a string the internal list will be
- replaced with a single entry containing the string you set. ``,`` or other
- separators are never used. You have to use ``MPV_FORMAT_NODE_ARRAY`` (or
- corresponding API, e.g. ``mp.set_property_native()`` with a table in Lua)
- to set multiple entries.
- Strictly speaking, option access via API (e.g. ``mpv_set_option_string()``)
- has the same problem, and it's only a difference between CLI/API.
``profile``, ``include``
These are write-only, and will perform actions as they are written to,
exactly as if they were used on the mpv CLI commandline. Their only use is