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manpage: extend documentation of key names
These things weren't written down anywhere yet.
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@@ -41,6 +41,8 @@ commands they're bound to on the OSD, instead of executing the commands::
(Only closing the window will make **mpv** exit, pressing normal keys will
merely display the binding, even if mapped to quit.)
+Also see `Key names`_.
input.conf syntax
@@ -78,6 +80,78 @@ that matches, and the multi-key command will never be called. Intermediate keys
can be remapped to ``ignore`` in order to avoid this issue. The maximum number
of (non-modifier) keys for combinations is currently 4.
+Key names
+All mouse and keyboard input is to converted to mpv-specific key names. Key
+names are either special symbolic identifiers representing a physical key, or a
+text key names, which are unicode code points encoded as UTF-8. These are what
+keyboard input would normally produce, for example ``a`` for the A key. As a
+consequence, mpv uses input translated by the current OS keyboard layout, rather
+than physical scan codes.
+Currently there is the hardcoded assumption that every text key can be
+represented as a single unicode code point (in NFKC form).
+All key names can be combined with the modifiers ``Shift``, ``Ctrl``, ``Alt``,
+``Meta``. They must be prefixed to the actual key name, where each modifier
+is followed by a ``+`` (for example ``ctrl+q``).
+Symbolic key names and modifier names are case-insensitive. Unicode key names
+are case-sensitive because input bindings typically respect the shift key.
+Another type of key names are hexadecimal key names, that serve as fallback
+for special keys that are neither unicode, nor have a special mpv defined name.
+They will break as soon as mpv adds proper names for them, but can enable you
+to use a key at all if that does not happen.
+All symbolic names are listed by ``--input-keylist``. ``--input-test`` is a
+special mode that prints all input on the OSD.
+Comments on some symbolic names:
+ Keypad names. Behavior varies by backend (whether they implement this, and
+ on how they treat numlock), but typically, mpv tries to map keys on the
+ keypad to separate names, even if they produce the same text as normal keys.
+``MOUSE_BTN*``, ``MBTN*``
+ Various mouse buttons.
+ Depending on backend, the mouse wheel might also be represented as a button.
+ In addition, ``MOUSE_BTN3`` to ``MOUSE_BTN6`` are deprecated aliases for
+ ``MBTN*`` are aliases for ``MOUSE_BTN*``.
+ Mouse wheels (typically).
+ Deprecated aliases for ``WHEEL_*``.
+ Mouse button double clicks.
+ Emitted by mouse move events. Enter/leave happens when the mouse enters or
+ leave the mpv window (or the current mouse region, using the deprecated
+ mouse region input section mechanism).
+ Pseudo key emitted when closing the mpv window using the OS window manager
+ (for example, by clicking the close button in the window title bar).
+ Keys emitted by the SDL gamepad backend.
+ Keys emitted by the OSX-only Apple Remote code.
+ Pseudo-key that matches any unmapped key. (You should probably avoid this
+ if possible, because it might change behavior or get removed in the future.)
Flat command syntax