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why buggy audio drivers can have a bad influence on playback quality.
- A big mess. Contains subtitle rendering (parts of it), OSD rendering,
- subtitle loading.
- There are about 3 types of subtitles: image subs, ASS subs, text subs. Also,
- there are 3 rendering methods: image subs, libass, internal subtitle
- renderer. Also, subtitles can come from demuxers or external files. All the
- possible combinations create weird special cases, e.g. taking a text
- subtitle event from the demuxer and converting it to ass for display is
- different from loading a text subtitle and converting it to ass.
+ Contains subtitle rendering, OSD rendering, and parts of subtitle loading.
+ sub.c/.h is actually the OSD code. It queries dec_sub.c to retrieve
+ decoded/rendered subtitles. osd_libass.c is the actual implementation of
+ the OSD text renderer (which uses libass, and takes care of all the tricky
+ fontconfig/freetype API usage and text layouting).
+ Subtitles are loaded either via libass (for .ass), subreader.c (the old
+ MPlayer subtitle loader code), or libavformat demuxers. The subtitles are
+ then passed to dec_sub.c and the subtitle decoders in sd_*.c. All text
+ subtitles are rendered by sd_ass.c. If text subtitles are not in the ASS
+ format, subtitle converters are inserted, for example sd_srt.c, which is
+ used to convert SRT->ASS. sd_srt.c is also used as general converter for
+ text->ASS (to prevent interpretation of text as ASS tags).
+ subreader.c should eventually go away. It should be replaced by either
+ libavformat's demuxers, or by mpv native demuxers for more common formats
+ like SRT. See commit message of commit 92ae48d what needs to be done to
+ replace subreader.c completely and why.
A timeline is the abstraction used by mplayer.c to combine several files