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manpage: explain "speed-adjusted" FPS for --interpolation-threshold
Fixes #3528.
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@@ -3915,8 +3915,11 @@ The following video options are currently all specific to ``--vo=opengl`` and
Threshold below which frame ratio interpolation gets disabled (default:
``0.0001``). This is calculated as ``abs(disphz/vfps - 1) < threshold``,
- where ``vfps`` is the speed-adjusted display FPS, and ``disphz`` the
- display refresh rate.
+ where ``vfps`` is the speed-adjusted video FPS, and ``disphz`` the
+ display refresh rate. (The speed-adjusted video FPS is roughly equal to
+ the normal video FPS, but with slowdown and speedup applied. This matters
+ if you use ``--video-sync=display-resample`` to make video run synchronously
+ to the display FPS, or if you change the ``speed`` property.)
The default is intended to almost always enable interpolation if the
playback rate is even slightly different from the display refresh rate. But