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manpage: add empty line between protocol header/description
Appears to give better formatting. (I'll never understand rst...)
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@@ -669,6 +669,7 @@ PROTOCOLS
``http://...``, ``https://``, ...
Many network protocols are supported, but the protocol prefix must always
be specified. mpv will never attempt to guess whether a filename is
actually a network address. A protocol prefix is always required.
@@ -682,6 +683,7 @@ PROTOCOLS
can also prefix it with ``lavf://`` or ``ffmpeg://``.
By default, the youtube-dl hook script (enabled by default for mpv CLI)
only looks at http URLs. Prefixing an URL with ``ytdl://`` forces it to
be always processed by the script. This can also be used to invoke special
@@ -691,17 +693,21 @@ PROTOCOLS
and you have to use ``--ytdl-raw-options`` instead.
Play data from stdin.
Play a path from Samba share.
``bd://[title][/device]`` ``--bluray-device=PATH``
Play a Blu-ray disc. Currently, this does not accept ISO files. Instead,
you must mount the ISO file as filesystem, and point ``--bluray-device``
to the mounted directory directly.
``dvd://[title|[starttitle]-endtitle][/device]`` ``--dvd-device=PATH``
Play a DVD. DVD menus are not supported. If no title is given, the longest
title is auto-selected.
@@ -716,25 +722,32 @@ PROTOCOLS
around outstanding dvdnav bugs (see "DVD library choices" above).
``tv://[channel][/input_id]`` ``--tv-...``
Analogue TV via V4L. Also useful for webcams. (Linux only.)
``pvr://`` ``--pvr-...``
PVR. (Linux only.)
``dvb://[cardnumber@]channel`` ``--dvbin-...``
Digital TV via DVB. (Linux only.)
``mf://[filemask|@listfile]`` ``--mf-...``
Play a series of images as video.
``cdda://[device]`` ``--cdrom-device=PATH`` ``--cdda-...``
Play CD.
Access any FFmpeg/Libav libavformat protocol. Basically, this passed the
string after the ``//`` directly to libavformat.
This is intended for using libavdevice inputs. ``type`` is the libavdevice
demuxer name, and ``options`` is the (pseudo-)filename passed to the
@@ -746,26 +759,32 @@ PROTOCOLS
``avdevice://`` is an alias.
A local path as URL. Might be useful in some special use-cases. Note that
``PATH`` itself should start with a third ``/`` to make the path an
absolute path.
Read data from the given file descriptor (for example 123). This is similar
to piping data to stdin via ``-``, but can use an arbitrary file descriptor.
``edl://[edl specification as in edl-mpv.rst]``
Stitch together parts of multiple files and play them.
Simulate an empty file. If opened for writing, it will discard all data.
The ``null`` demuxer will specifically pass autoprobing if this protocol
is used (while it's not automatically invoked for empty files).
Use the ``data`` part as source data.
Like ``memory://``, but the string is interpreted as hexdump.