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travis: shut the fuck up
Travis is currently having "problems" and is spamming IRC all the time with pointless failure notifications. Make it so that it hopefully sends a message only when it goes from success to failure, which should exclude these cases. While I'm at it, I'd like to complain how idiotic it is to store CI configuration in a project's source repository. Such a repository should only contain things that are inherently part of the code's function, not part of the organization. You don't store bug reports, build results, the website, developer access controls, etc. in this repository either. But for CI it's supposed to be OK? I'm all for this "configuration as code" thing, but what it should mean is that you store configuration files in some git managed repository, NOT necessarily that you dump them into the main source code repo. There are many arguments why it should not be there, such as this very commit. I have a feeling this is mostly just because all these idiotic web services just want to advertise their shit and bind customers by not giving easy ways to treat source code and CI service configuration orthogonal. And so, the source code repo gets clobbered with stupid shit (both in the set of files and the commit history). It's fairly idiotic and my tolerance for it is waning. (Oh, of course you could probably jump through hoops to make it a separate repo, but I bet that is complicated and has all kinds of downsides because it won't be the way "it's meant to be used".)
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