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About a year ago, ubitux converted most of the old manpage from the hard to maintain nroff format to reStructuredText. This was not merged back into the master repository immediately. The argument was that the new manpage still required work to be done. However, progress was very slow. Even worse: the old manpage wasn't updated, because it was scheduled for deletion, and updating it would have meant useless work. Now the situation is that the new manpage still isn't finished, and the old manpage is grossly out of sync with the player. This is not helpful for users. Additionally, keeping the new manpage in a separate branch, while the normal development repository for code had the old manpage, was very inconvenient, because you couldn't just update the documentation in the same commit as the code. Even though the new manpage isn't finished yet, merging it now seems to be the best course of action. Squash-merge the manpage development branch [1], revision e89f5dd3f2, which branches from the mplayer2 master branch after revision 159102e0cb. Committers: * Clément Bœsch <> (Initial conversion to RST.) * Uoti Urpala <> (Many updates.) * Myself (Minor edits.) Most text of the manpage has been directly taken from the old manpage, because this is a conversion, not a complete rewrite. [1]
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