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mac: activate logging when started from the bundle
this creates a default log for the last mpv run when started from the bundle. that way one can get a log of what happened even after an issue occurred. also add a menu entry under Help to show the current log, but only when the bundle is used. Fixes #7396 Fixes #2547
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### Log file
-Make a log file made with -v -v or --log-file=output.txt, paste it to
- or attach it to the github issue, and replace this text with a
-link to it.
+Make a log file made with -v -v or --log-file=output.txt. If you use the Bundle
+from a version later than 0.32 a default log is created for your last run at
+~/Library/Logs/mpv.log. You can jump to that file via the Help > Show log Fileā€¦
+menu. Paste the log to or attach it to the github issue, and
+replace this text with a link to it.
In the case of a crash please provide the macOS Crash Report (Backtrace).