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github: suggest using as github attachment for log files
It's not that we _want_ the log to be on an external site. We just want the log, somehow. Probably not pasted inline into the issue text. Also reword the "we are assholes who really want logs" part of the text. It's a subtle balance between trying to be nice and being a complete asshole, but no matter what you do, it will always sound like the latter, so be direct.
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@@ -12,12 +12,12 @@ Releases are listed here:
### Log file
Make a log file made with -v -v or --log-file=output.txt, paste it to
- or a similar site, and replace this text with a link to it.
+ or attach it the github issue, and replace this text with a
+link to it.
-Providing a log file is strongly encouraged. It is very helpful for reproducing
-bugs or getting important technical context. Without a log it might not be
-possible to analyze and fix certain bugs, and your bug report will be closed
-or ignored.
+If this is a normal runtime bug, and no log is provided, the issue will be
+closed for ignoring the issue template. This is because analyzing a bug without
+a log file is harder than necessary. Low quality bug reports are noise.
### Sample files