BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
always_drvo_gpu: allow DR path even when DR is unavailableNiklas Haas11 months
appveyorAppveyor: Use MSYS2 spirv-cross package.Biswapriyo Nath4 months
blissnew build systemwm412 months
last-frame-subssub: by default, don't render timestamps after video EOFrcombs4 days
masterlua: idle observers: ensure timers are up-to-dateAvi Halachmi (:avih)7 hours
rcombs/macos-fixesao_coreaudio: fix some incorrect channel mappingsrcombs12 months
ref_whitevo_gpu: add BT.2390 tone-mappingNiklas Haas12 months
release/0.33Release 0.33.1sfan53 months
vaapi_radvvo_gpu: hwdec_vaapi: handle lack of object size with AMD driversPhilip Langdale11 months
vo_placebo(WIP) vo_placebo: remove AVFrame dependencyNiklas Haas6 weeks
v0.33.1mpv-0.33.1.tar.bz2  mpv-0.33.1.tar.xz  sfan53 months
v0.33.0mpv-0.33.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.33.0.tar.xz  sfan57 months
v0.32.0mpv-0.32.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.32.0.tar.xz  sfan517 months
v0.31.0mpv-0.31.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.31.0.tar.xz  sfan518 months
v0.30.0mpv-0.30.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.30.0.tar.xz  sfan520 months
v0.29.1mpv-0.29.1.tar.bz2  mpv-0.29.1.tar.xz  Martin Herkt3 years
v0.29.0mpv-0.29.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.29.0.tar.xz  Martin Herkt3 years
v0.28.2mpv-0.28.2.tar.bz2  mpv-0.28.2.tar.xz  Kevin Mitchell3 years
v0.27.2mpv-0.27.2.tar.bz2  mpv-0.27.2.tar.xz  Kevin Mitchell3 years
v0.28.1mpv-0.28.1.tar.bz2  mpv-0.28.1.tar.xz  Kevin Mitchell3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-12-25Release 0.28.0v0.28.0Martin Herkt3-58/+118
2017-12-24ytdl_hook: use table concat for playlist buildingRicardo Constantino1-5/+4
2017-12-24ytdl_hook: don't preappend ytdl:// to non-youtube links in playlistsRicardo Constantino1-1/+5
2017-12-24player: update duration based on highest timestamp demuxedwm45-0/+28
2017-12-24player: allow seeking in cached parts of unseekable streamswm43-28/+52
2017-12-24stream_libarchive: fix seeking fallbackwm41-14/+14
2017-12-24cache: propagate underlying stream seek errors in some caseswm41-1/+12
2017-12-24command: use IEC symbols for file size formattingMartin Herkt1-4/+4
2017-12-24wscript: support static linking of shadercMartin Herkt1-1/+16
2017-12-23player: make track language matching case insensitivewm42-2/+2