BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
always_drvo_gpu: allow DR path even when DR is unavailableNiklas Haas15 months
appveyorAppveyor: Use MSYS2 spirv-cross package.Biswapriyo Nath8 months
last-frame-subssub: by default, don't render timestamps after video EOFrcombs4 months
mastervo_gpu: fix rotated compute shader vertex simulationNiklas Haas28 hours
placebo_v3vo_gpu: libplacebo: add missing includeNiklas Haas3 weeks
rcombs/macos-fixesao_coreaudio: fix some incorrect channel mappingsrcombs16 months
release/0.33Release 0.33.1sfan57 months
rotated-bugvo_gpu: fix rotated compute shader vertex simulationNiklas Haas6 days
vaapi_radvvo_gpu: hwdec_vaapi: handle lack of object size with AMD driversPhilip Langdale15 months
vo_placebovo_gpu_next: add new libplacebo-based rendererNiklas Haas62 min.
v0.33.1mpv-0.33.1.tar.bz2  mpv-0.33.1.tar.xz  sfan57 months
v0.33.0mpv-0.33.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.33.0.tar.xz  sfan511 months
v0.32.0mpv-0.32.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.32.0.tar.xz  sfan521 months
v0.31.0mpv-0.31.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.31.0.tar.xz  sfan522 months
v0.30.0mpv-0.30.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.30.0.tar.xz  sfan524 months
v0.29.1mpv-0.29.1.tar.bz2  mpv-0.29.1.tar.xz  Martin Herkt3 years
v0.29.0mpv-0.29.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.29.0.tar.xz  Martin Herkt3 years
v0.28.2mpv-0.28.2.tar.bz2  mpv-0.28.2.tar.xz  Kevin Mitchell4 years
v0.27.2mpv-0.27.2.tar.bz2  mpv-0.27.2.tar.xz  Kevin Mitchell4 years
v0.28.1mpv-0.28.1.tar.bz2  mpv-0.28.1.tar.xz  Kevin Mitchell4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2015-03-17Release 0.8.3v0.8.3release/0.8Diogo Franco (Kovensky)1-1/+1
2015-03-17Update RELEASE_NOTESDiogo Franco (Kovensky)1-0/+2
2015-03-17video: don't drop anamorphic scaling if it's too minorwm41-8/+1
2015-03-17command: don't drop audio buffers when switching filterswm41-1/+0
2015-03-16demux_lavf: fix rejection of image2 demuxerwm41-0/+1
2015-03-16Update RELEASE_NOTESDiogo Franco (Kovensky)1-0/+28
2015-03-16bootstrap: add waf mirrorMartin Herkt1-5/+18
2015-03-16audio: fix off by one error in channel map selection codewm41-2/+2
2015-03-16man: fix PDF buildMartin Herkt1-3/+4
2015-03-15cocoa: signal VO_EVENT_WIN_STATE on fps changeStefano Pigozzi1-0/+2