BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
always_drvo_gpu: allow DR path even when DR is unavailableNiklas Haas2 years
appveyorci/appveyor: fix package install linesfan510 months
blissnew build systemwm42 years
last-frame-subssub: by default, don't render timestamps after video EOFrcombs17 months
mastervo_gpu_next: don't flush cache on OSD updateNiklas Haas40 hours
rcombs/macos-fixesao_coreaudio: fix some incorrect channel mappingsrcombs12 months
rcombs/swiftSwift: avoid unnecessary unsafe conversions; fixes crash in debug buildsrcombs12 months
release/0.33Release 0.33.1sfan520 months
release/0.34Release 0.34.1sfan511 months
release/0.35Release 0.35.0sfan52 weeks
v0.35.0mpv-0.35.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.35.0.tar.xz  sfan52 weeks
v0.34.1mpv-0.34.1.tar.bz2  mpv-0.34.1.tar.xz  sfan511 months
v0.34.0mpv-0.34.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.34.0.tar.xz  sfan513 months
v0.33.1mpv-0.33.1.tar.bz2  mpv-0.33.1.tar.xz  sfan520 months
v0.33.0mpv-0.33.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.33.0.tar.xz  sfan52 years
v0.32.0mpv-0.32.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.32.0.tar.xz  sfan53 years
v0.31.0mpv-0.31.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.31.0.tar.xz  sfan53 years
v0.30.0mpv-0.30.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.30.0.tar.xz  sfan53 years
v0.29.1mpv-0.29.1.tar.bz2  mpv-0.29.1.tar.xz  Martin Herkt4 years
v0.29.0mpv-0.29.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.29.0.tar.xz  Martin Herkt4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-04-18introduce new property expand + function syntaxproperty-expand-wipwm42-19/+221
2017-04-18codec_tags: minor simplificationwm41-14/+10
2017-04-18codec_tags: remove some more leftoverswm41-5/+0
2017-04-18ass_mp: reallocate cached subtitle image data on format changeswm41-1/+2
2017-04-17cocoa: fix retrieval of unfs window size while animatingAkemi1-1/+2
2017-04-16vo_opengl: move X11 backends before Waylandwm41-3/+3
2017-04-15sub: minor sdh filter fixesDan Oscarsson1-1/+2
2017-04-15Fix use of ISC licensewm414-39/+70
2017-04-14demux: estimate total packet size, deprecate packet number limitswm45-10/+45
2017-04-14player: fix a corner case in previous commitwm43-3/+5