BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
always_drvo_gpu: allow DR path even when DR is unavailableNiklas Haas6 months
appveyorappveyor: use MSYS2 shaderc packageJames Ross-Gowan5 weeks
blissnew build systemwm47 months
last-frame-subssub: by default, don't render timestamps after video EOFrcombs4 weeks
masterdocs: Fix an old style parameter referenceChris Varenhorst33 hours
oversample_mixlessvo_gpu: optimize interpolation for the single-frame caseNiklas Haas9 months
rcombs/macos-fixesao_coreaudio: fix some incorrect channel mappingsrcombs7 months
ref_whitevo_gpu: add BT.2390 tone-mappingNiklas Haas7 months
release/0.33Release 0.33.0sfan59 weeks
vaapi_radvvo_gpu: hwdec_vaapi: handle lack of object size with AMD driversPhilip Langdale6 months
v0.33.0mpv-0.33.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.33.0.tar.xz  sfan59 weeks
v0.32.0mpv-0.32.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.32.0.tar.xz  sfan512 months
v0.31.0mpv-0.31.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.31.0.tar.xz  sfan513 months
v0.30.0mpv-0.30.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.30.0.tar.xz  sfan515 months
v0.29.1mpv-0.29.1.tar.bz2  mpv-0.29.1.tar.xz  Martin Herkt2 years
v0.29.0mpv-0.29.0.tar.bz2  mpv-0.29.0.tar.xz  Martin Herkt3 years
v0.28.2mpv-0.28.2.tar.bz2  mpv-0.28.2.tar.xz  Kevin Mitchell3 years
v0.27.2mpv-0.27.2.tar.bz2  mpv-0.27.2.tar.xz  Kevin Mitchell3 years
v0.28.1mpv-0.28.1.tar.bz2  mpv-0.28.1.tar.xz  Kevin Mitchell3 years
v0.27.1mpv-0.27.1.tar.bz2  mpv-0.27.1.tar.xz  Kevin Mitchell3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-06-29ao_coreaudio: insane hack for passing through AC3 as float PCMcoreaudio-spdif-hackwm42-5/+74
2017-06-29build: allow --disable-zlibwm41-1/+1
2017-06-29ao_wasapi: UWP wrapper hack supportwm42-7/+40
2017-06-29Universal Windows Plaform (UWP) supportPedro Pombeiro11-6/+110
2017-06-29ao_wasapi: do not use deprecated wchar functionsPedro Pombeiro2-2/+2
2017-06-29Avoid calling close(-1)wm46-28/+41
2017-06-29build: change how some OS specific source files are selectedwm411-49/+131
2017-06-29build: replace glob() check and assume it's always in POSIXwm45-11/+5
2017-06-29build: remove unnecessary dlopen checkwm41-5/+0
2017-06-28ao_wasapi: remove subtly duplicated codewm41-7/+6