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committerGrigori Goronzy <greg@blackbox>2011-07-06 23:24:30 +0200
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Provisional bidi and shaping support
Adds fully working bidirectional text and simple shaping support. The following works: - bidirectional text according to the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm - simple shaper for mirrored forms (brackets, etc.) according to rule L4 of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm - reordering into visual order with correct line wrapping However, the implementation certainly needs efficiency improvements (caching, less malloc'ing), a proper shaper (HarfBuzz) needs to be hooked up and various bugs with karaoke and positioning need to be fixed.
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diff --git a/libass/ b/libass/
index 375f8e6..142de68 100644
--- a/libass/
+++ b/libass/
@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@ libass_la_SOURCES = ass.c ass_cache.c ass_font.c ass_fontconfig.c ass_render.c \
ass_cache.h ass_fontconfig.h ass_font.h ass.h \
ass_library.h ass_types.h ass_utils.h ass_drawing.c \
ass_drawing.h ass_cache_template.h ass_render.h \
- ass_parse.c ass_parse.h ass_render_api.c ass_strtod.c
+ ass_parse.c ass_parse.h ass_render_api.c ass_shaper.c \
+ ass_shaper.h ass_strtod.c
libass_la_LDFLAGS += -export-symbols $(srcdir)/libass.sym